Journal Articles

  • “A Method of Generating Knotted and Linked Gaussian Dots from Bessel Like Beams”, F. Buldt, P. Bassène, and M. N’Gom. Submitted to Optica (2021).
  • Video showing the spatial oscillation of a unique Bessel Gaussian (BG) beam created in the lab
  • “Nonlinear Conversion of Orbital Angular Momentum States of Light”, P. Bassène, F. Buldt, N. Rumman, T. Wang, P. Heitert, and M. N’Gom. Submitted to Optics Express (2021).
  • “Multi-qubit production in spontaneous parametric down conversion”, P. Heitert, F. Buldt, P. Bassène, and M. N’Gom. Submitted to Phys. Rev. Applied (2021).
  • “Non-Iterative Multiple Point Fair Focusing Through Random Media”, M. N’Gom, E. Michielssen, T. B. Norris, and R. R. Nadakuditi. In preparation. Invited to be submitted to JOSA A. (2018)
  • “Mode Control in a Multimode Fiber Through Acquiring its Transmission Matrix from a Referenceless Optical System”, M. N’Gom, T. B. Norris, E. Michielssen, and R. R. Nadakuditi. Optics Letters, Vol. 43, No. 3, 419 (2018)
  • “Controlling Light Transmission Through Highly Scattering Media Using Semi-Definite Programming as a Phase Retrieval Computation Method”, M. N’Gom, M. B. Lien, N. M. Estakhri, T. B. Norris, E. Michielssen, and R. R. Nadakuditi. Nat. Sci. Rep. Vol. 7, No. 1, 2518 (2017)
  • “Electron Beam Mapping of Plasmon Resonances of Electromagnetically Coupled Gold Nanorods”, M. N’Gom, S. Li, G. Schatz, R. Erni, A. Agarwal, N. Kotov and T. Norris. Physical Review B 80, 113411 (2009)
  • “Exploring the Emerging Frontier at the Intersection of Optics and Electron Microscopy”, M. N’Gom and T. B. Norris, invited article S & T: SPIE Newsroom 10.1117/2.1200901.1493
  • “Single Particle Plasmon Spectroscopy of Silver Nanowires and Gold Nanorods”, M. N’Gom, J.Ringnalda, J. F. Mansfield, A. Agarwal, J. Ye, N. Kotov, N. J. Zaluzec, T. B. Norris. Nanoletters vol. 8, No. 10, 2008, 3200 – 3204.
  • “Relation Between Quantum Tunneling Times for Relativistic Particles”, H. G. Winful, M Ngom, N. Litchinitser, Phys. Rev. A 70, 052112 (2004)
  • “Parameterization of Inclusive Cross Sections from Pion production in Proton-Proton collision”, S. R. Blattnig, S. R. Swaminathan, A. T. Kruger, M. Ngom, and J. W. Norbury. Physical Review D. vol 62, pg 094030 (2000)


  • Application#: WO 2017/027784 A1 [Granted]
    • Title: Method and System for Printing 3D Objects
  • Application#: 62/072,682 (Corning docket no. SP14-325) [Granted]
    • Title: Edge Sealing of Laminate Glass Using Laser Glass Welder
  • Application#: US 14/993,236 (U.S. Attorney Docket No.: SP14-311) [Granted]
    • Title: Laser Cutting of Thermally Tempered Substrate
  • Application# 61/917,092 (U.S. Attorney Docket No.: SP16-236) [Granted]
    • Title: Electrochromic Coated Glass Articles and Methods for Laser Processing The Same.
  • Application#: 62/137,443 (U.S. Attorney Docket No.: SP15-107) [Granted]
    • Title: Laser Cutting and Processing of Display Glass Composition

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