The N’Gom Research Group

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Welcome to the N’Gom Optics group

The newly emerging field of optical wavefront shaping involves the ability to manipulate light fields both spatially and temporally. It has largely been enabled by the availability of spatial light modulators (SLM).

SLMs are used to create arbitrarily complex light fields that are now powerful elements of the optics toolbox. They provide means to manipulate the fundamental constituents of classical light or single photons, which obey the laws of quantum physics. These new tools open up novel ways to address topics where conventional optical techniques are hard to apply, such as the control of light propagation in biological tissues, complex photonic structures, plasmonic systems, and multimode fibers.

In our lab, we exploit the versatility of wavefront shaping tools to address challenges in biomedical imaging and to generate entangled structured light fields to address coherence degradation in optical communication transmission channels.

In our group, we value multidisciplinary research that bridge knowledge and cutting edge approaches from fields of optical imaging, computation, biomedical engineering, quantum optics, and material science.